Judge Laurie Booras showed herself the door after a panel recommended her removal for calling some folks nasty names, and revealing a decision four weeks before she issued a ruling.

We deem it necessary to point out, since the Denver Post did not, the Colorado Appeals Court judge was appointed to that seat in 2009 by former Gov. Bill Ritter, a Democrat.

She was retained by voters in 2012.

Her transgressions include referring to a fellow jurist as “the little Mexican” in an email.

In another email, she called her ex-husband’s wife a “squaw.”

The woman she referred to is Native American, and the term is considered offensive in many tribal circles. Some would argue S-Word=C-Word.

The judges unanimously determined Booras violated three canons of the Code of Judicial Conduct and asked the Colorado Supreme Court to assess Booras $5,442 to cover the costs of a lengthy investigation and a hearing carried out in secret.

Her conduct indeed was most unbecoming for a judge, not to mention shockingly insensitive and belligerent for a Democratic appointee.