Jason Crow

U.S. Rep. Jason Crow is perfectly fine with the House Speaker’s refusal to negotiate on funding border security to end the government shutdown.

He’s a border expert, he now claims, and cites his combat experience along the Afghan-Pakistan border, “so I know a thing or two about border security and support smart, effective border security,” the Aurora Democrat told Colorado Politics.

That would be the border where Pakistan is currently building a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigration.

Also, it’s a battle zone.

Not exactly the same situation we’re experiencing along our southern border.

The real reason House Democrats aren’t the least bit interested in holding negotiations is because they’re too busy jet-setting to foreign and exotic locations for congressional delegation trips.

Until President Trump pulled military planes the Democrats planned to use for their junket.

Democrats obviously have no desire to actually get down to work and reopen the government, even going so far as to tell Trump two weeks in advance to cancel his annual State of the Union Address because there’s not enough security in Washington, D.C.

But since everyone is now grounded in D.C., unless they lower themselves to flying commercial, now would be a good time to negotiate and end to the shutdown.

Trump made an offer Saturday to extend DACA protections for three years in exchange for border security funding — a significant amount of time for them to get on the path to legal citizenship.

But again, Crow balked:

“This is a bad faith offer that comes with a $5.7 billion price tag. We must reopen the government and then we can work towards an agreement for smart, effective border security.”

Trump gave Democrats the perfect opportunity to score a win for DACA, but playing politics and hurting the Republicans with a continued shutdown is more important to Crow and Democrats.
For shame.