Are Democrats so convinced that making it legal to shoot up heroin, meth and other drugs at so-called safe injection sites is the way to eliminate drug addiction, that they would be willing to bet their political careers on it?

This isn’t a rhetorical question, because House Minority Leader Patrick Neville is already threatening recall elections against every Democratic lawmaker in the state legislature who votes to make this dangerous nonsense a reality.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes to stop it,” Neville said. “Anyone who actually pushes legalized heroin injection sites, I think, is way out of touch with the voters of Colorado.”

We understand state Sen. Kevin Priola is a vulnerable Republican in leftist Adams County, but of all the bills he could have gone all super bipartisan on, safe injection sites should have been at the very bottom of the list.

We would urge him to regain his sanity and remove his name as a cosponsor, like, now.

Even though the Denver City Council already approved legalized drug shooting galleries, Kyle Clark with 9News says Mayor Hancock is now trying to waffle out of his support.

Not coincidentally, Hancock wavered on the issue right before he announced for reelection.
Democrats have grotesquely overreached in their half-hearted attempt to save drug addicts from overdosing.

Instead of funding public centers where addicts can get their heroin tested for fentanyl or get free Narcan blasts when they overdose on heroin laced with fentanyl, why not block all the illegal fentanyl flowing into the country?

We’ll tell you why, because fentanyl is pouring into this country from the southern border, and Democrats refuse to accept a crisis of illegal drug smuggling or immigration exists there.

In Democrats’ vain, politically addled minds, they would risk the health and safety of our population rather than admit Republicans are right about needed border protections.

It’s disgraceful.