As if parents don’t have enough worries about public school teachers instilling their personal brand of liberal politics upon our children, now Gov. Polis is getting into the racket instructing on religion and perceived Republican failures.

Polis held civics lessons at kindergarten classes in Colorado Springs, explaining the role of government in the U.S., as opposed to having kings and queens.

When one kindergartner the Colorado Springs Gazette actually identified by first name declared that God is the king over all things, Polis corrected him with a lesson on rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

So, politicians don’t have to answer to God? Even we were confused by Polis’s lessons, imagine how a kindergartner felt.

Regardless of faith, it’s up to government to help people get along, Polis instructed.

This would come as news to many Christians who rely on God’s word and commandments for their humanity, while also adhering to man’s law, as God instructs.

Polis also brought up the wall President Donald Trump wants to build on the U.S.-Mexico border, saying, “Just because he’s president, doesn’t mean he gets the wall. He has to get Congress to agree, and they say, ‘No, we don’t agree,’ so he doesn’t get his wall.”

Besides the fact Polis is wrong because Congress is still debating the fate of the wall, why in the world is our governor politicking with our kindergarten children on one of the most hot-button issues of the day?

This may come as a shock to Dear Leader, but not every parent agrees with him. Even parents who do agree more than likely don’t want the governor touting his personal ideology to their children about complicated political matters.

They’re only five years old, for God’s sake!

The article is a must read, and not just for Polis’s unacceptable behavior, but to see how far the Colorado Springs Gazette has swung to the left in their coverage of politics.