What a year this week has been for the Democratic Party.

From Virginia, where apparently every elected Democrat is either a Klansman or a rapist, to Congress, where nearly every Democrat woman wears white (odd color choice for an ambiguous protest) and/or supports junking every American car and killing every cow, this has been one of those weeks where you wonder if the left has joined the Russians in trying to get President Trump reelected next fall. We kid. The left is doing a much better job.

Colorado Democrats, for their part, have been mostly silent on the never-ending dump of insanity coming from their fellow partymates this week (looking at you, Denver political media), save for Joe Neguse’s full-throated endorsement of the Green New Deal, as is customary for a representative of Naropa University. Although, one has to wonder how Colorado’s nearly $3 billion cattle industry feels about its impending demise at the altar of Mother Earth.

No, but seriously, why has nobody asked Governor Polis what he thinks of his Klan-y/rape-y colleagues in the Old Dominion? Or what he thinks of violently solving America’s greenhouse gas problem by beheading millions of cattle? Are we just good with this stuff, as we were when we discovered that Polis had once slammed a woman twice his age into a filing cabinet?

How about Presidential hopelessers Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper? Are they down with the green suicide? How about Representative Perlmutter? And is Representative Degette in “gotta hear both sides” mode with the sexual assault allegations facing Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor? We don’t recall her being as charitable toward now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but hey, whaddya gonna do?

Back to the Denver press: please get all of these people on record on all of this stuff. When President Trump tweets something dumb, you’re the first to stick microphones in the faces of any Republican elected, activist, or registered voter, demanding to know whether or not the man should resign. Please offer the Democrats an equal platform in the wake of their national meltdown this week.

It’s going to be so funny when President Trump gets reelected and everyone acts surprised.