Check out this headline on LGBTQ Nation that nearly crashed our Truth-O-Meter:

Unseating most LGBTQ House members is an official priority for the GOP in 2020

The truth behind this clickbait is clearly spelled out in the story — Republicans are hoping to take back 55 seats now held by all sorts of Democrats, which were once Republican seats or districts that voted for President Trump.

Included on the list is Colorado’s own 6th District, which Democrat Jason Crow won from Republican Mike Coffman.

As far as we know, Crow is not LGBTQ, but he is a Democrat.

The truth behind the headline, Republicans are targeting seats by party, like they always do, not on sexual orientation. Just like Democrats target Republican seats in each race.

The list of 55 does include five people who are LGBTQ, but does not target all eight who publicly proclaim their sexual orientation.

Our Truth-O-Meter dinged this as clickbait for victimhood affirmation. And, confirmation that Republicans aren’t lightly giving up lost seats in the last election.