A new poll of Republican voters in Colorado tells us what we already know: Not only do they support their president, but Donald Trump’s approval ratings are also through the roof with 90 percent.

Hold on, that’s not the mic drop — the poll was conducted just days after the government shutdown ended, capped by a month of never-ending sob stories about the horrors of missing one, nearly two paychecks.

And among his voters, President Trump came out smelling like a rose.

Mic dropped.

The poll by Magellan Strategies tells us exactly why that is — 88 percent of Republicans polled support building a wall along the southern border, and 81 percent said shutting down the government to get that funding was the right thing to do.

Interestingly, Republicans also disagree with the media for the reasons why the party lost the top ballot seats in the last election, plus a congressional district and control of the state Senate.

Those polled don’t believe the party has weakened or lost numbers, but were impacted by the migration of liberals and Democratic voters moving here from other states.

We’re looking at you, California.

The answer, they believe, is that voters should be better educated about the economic accomplishments of Trump, a task normally left to the media, which by the way hates Trump.

If Gov. Polis is reading us now to gloat, he should take note that Republicans overwhelming oppose his plan for “free” full-day kindergarten by 62 percent.