Are you fed up with the fantastical ridiculousness of bills passing through the Democratic-controlled legislature so far?

Then tonight’s your chance to tell Gov. Polis and several lawmakers exactly what you think of their efforts to legalize heroin injection sites, give away our presidential voting power to California, and the so-called red flag gun control bill introduced this week.

A hastily called town hall meeting is set for tonight from 5:15 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. in Fort Collins at the Blevins Middle School on 2101 S. Taft Hill Road.

In addition to Polis, Rep. Jeni Arndt who sponsored the popular vote bill will be there, along with state Sen. Joann Ginal and state Rep. Cathy Kipp.

Dems are hoping for the event to be more of a pep rally and plan to talk about how great free kindergarten will be, and create an echo chamber for upcoming efforts to kill our energy industry, again.

But hey, a town hall is a town hall, and the last time we checked, this is a free country where folks can address any issue of importance with elected officials.

Be there, show you care!