Perhaps Democrats at the state legislature aren’t 100 percent committed to destroying Colorado just this legislative session. Then, again, the session is still young. According to a Denver Post quote from House Majority Leader Alec Garnett, the state legislature will not vote on legalizing heroin bringing safe injection sites to Colorado because “…the cart got before the horse. And [Denver] kind of lost control of the messaging on it and how it’s about saving lives.”

We bet it didn’t poll that well either.

Actually, Rep. Garnett, everyone understood that Democrats thought it was about saving lives. Problems arise with the unintended consequences of being the first state in the union to essentially legalize heroin. Yes, you hoped it would save lives, but enabling drug abusers to continue abusing isn’t compassionate. It’s cruel. Even worse, bringing safe injection sites to Colorado could harm the people already here. It’s bad public policy.

The beauty of this first gigantic failure of the session is that Democrats had nobody to blame but each other. We suspect this will be a frequent chorus over the next two years. Sure, Republicans voiced opposition, but GOP elected officials simply don’t have the votes to blockade any crazy idea that Democrats have brewing.

Congratulations, Democrats. This was a spectacularly bad idea that failed spectacularly and there’s nobody to blame for the entire rigmarole but you.