John Hickenlooper will celebrate his 67th birthday Thursday at a private celebration with his closest friends, all of whom must pitch in up to $5,000 per person to attend the soiree in New York City.

That must be some birthday cake Hick has ordered for the occasion.

According to the party invitation, “Hickenlooper is exploring his next steps to figure out if there is a path for him to help re-orient the nation‘s politics by solving problems together.”

No word on exactly where the party will be held, except somewhere in midtown Manhattan.

To liven it up a bit, maybe persuade donors friends to fork over the hefty cover charge, we suggest some party games like blind man’s bluff, duck duck goose, and of course pin the tail on the donkey, using hundred dollars bills.

All proceeds will go to Hick’s travel account, also known as a political action committee to explore whether he should raise more money to run for president.