Lorena Garcia may have no experience at all when it comes to governing, but neither did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and that didn’t stop New Yorkers from electing her to Congress.

Even though the New Yorker has become the laughing stock of social media memes, and moderate Democrats are desperately trying to distance themselves from her, Garcia proudly proclaimed during a Denverite interview that her policies are exactly the same as the socialist Democrat.

Because Garcia is also a socialist Democrat is running on promises of free health care and free college tuition, which we would all pay for through a Value Added Tax (VAT). That’s right, taxes = free.

She’s all about “attacking” the system, although it sounds more like a smash and grab riot.
And she hearts Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal to eliminate air travel and farting cows as totally doable.

What remains to be seen in the crowded field of Democrats challenging Gardner, is whether Ocasio-Cortez will campaign for her fellow socialist and endorse her in the primary?