Never forget.

A mob of angry voters, torches at the ready, have lit matches nipping at their fingertips waiting on Gov. Polis to sign away their voting power to the Popular Vote scheme.

Time’s a wasting, because opponents can’t move forward with an effort to overturn the law by gathering petition signatures to get it on the ballot for a statewide vote, until Polis actually signs the bill.
Are Democrats and Polis deliberately slow-jamming the process in order to snag those efforts?
It sure sounds like it, based on this article by the Hedge Fund Masters of Alden Global Capital Denver Post:

A final copy of the bill is now being checked for language and amendments and printed by Legislative Legal Services, a process known as enrolling. Because neither the House or Senate asked that the process be expedited, it is expected to take several weeks.

Then the bill has to go back to the House and Senate for their signatures before it lands on Polis’s desk, where the governor can twiddle his thumbs for 10 days and let the bill become law without his signature.

Only then can opponents begin collecting the 124,632 signatures required by Aug. 1 to get it on the ballot.

Sounds like Democrats will try to run out the clock on opposition.

Coloradans may forget about the now-abandoned Democratic plot to open public heroin houses, or the other idiotic bills being pushed through this legislative session.

But forfeiting our constitutional right to vote for president? That’s not something Republicans, independents, and even Democrats are likely to forget.