Second Amendment supporters are fighting fire with fire, taking what’s good for the goose and giving it to the gander, and a whole lot of other cliches that are coming home to roost for Democrats who thought sanctuary cities were a swell idea for protecting illegal immigrants from the long arm of the law.

If Democrats can create “sanctuary cities” to shield illegal immigrants from federal law enforcement, then Republicans say they can create “sanctuary counties” to protect the constitutional rights of gun owners.

So, even if the Democratic-controlled legislature passes a “red flag” bill, the Constitution will still be king in several Colorado counties.

Fremont County passed the first resolution stating they will not subvert the U.S. constitution to enforce the illegal seizure of firearms, and law enforcement is backing them up on the plan.

Fremont County Sheriff Allen Cooper said he and his staff have reviewed the proposed bill, and it is their opinion that it does not offer due process to anyone who is targeted with an accusation of being mentally incompetent or dangerous and that the redress for someone who is falsely accused does not exist.

“I can not support this bill as it currently is written,” he said.

Complete Colorado reports numerous counties are following suit and plan to take up similar resolutions against the red flag measure, including Weld, Montezuma, and Teller Counties.

Douglas and Mesa Counties are also exploring the idea.

The irony is delicious, and we applaud local officials for countering bogus state laws dreamt up by Democrats, with the Constitution.