We’ve been covering extensively the oil and gas bill heading through the legislature because it’s so radical, as in destroy Colorado’s economy radical. As we mentioned earlier, the various components come together to enact what would amount to a moratorium on oil and gas development in Colorado.

This afternoon, prominent Democrat Ken Salazar, former Secretary of the Interior, former Colorado Attorney General, former all the things that matter, was published in the Denver Post urging caution on SB19-181. This guy has serious street cred on conservation issues. What he says matters, even if we rarely agree with him.

“Colorado has played a key role in securing that energy independence for our nation. Colorado is a leader of renewable energy. Colorado is also a center of oil and gas. The oil and gas industry in Colorado creates over one hundred thousand jobs for hard-working Coloradans, provides over one billion dollars to fund our schools and roads, and is responsible for 11 percent of the state’s gross domestic product.

“Now SB 181 will wrongly bring our Colorado energy success story to an end.”

Unbelievably, we agree with Salazar. We’ve hit him when we believe that he’s misstepped, but even a clock is right twice per day. In this case, Salazar is right. We admit it. Now, if we, the Conservative Bully Pulpit, can admit it, don’t you think the Democratic-led legislature should be able to admit it, too?