Despite approximately 1,000 oil and gas workers and supporters showing up to protest against Senate Bill 181 yesterday, Senate Democrats on the Transportation and Energy Committee vote to push through legislation that could basically grind to a halt energy development in Colorado. Even worse, the energy industry had just one business day to react to what Boulder Senator Steve Fenberg called the “most sweeping oil and gas regulations the state has ever seen” in the Denver Post.

During the last two legislative sessions, it took 60 number days on average for the Colorado legislature to introduce and pass a natural resources and environment bill, which is what SB19-181 is. It’s fairly appalling that Fenberg is trying to claim credit for completely overhauling oil and gas regulations and is trying to push it through in a quarter to half the time of a normal piece of similar legislation.

The truth is that the people of Colorado just voted against 112, which could have similar effects as this legislation. Boulder Democrats don’t care about you and they don’t care about the destruction they will cause. That’s evident in last night’s vote. The real question is whether the people of Colorado will care enough to do something about it.