Gov. Polis

We’re all for 18-year-old kids getting a job right after they graduate high school.

Nothing wrong with waiting tables or washing dishes.

But handing over the bus keys to an inexperienced driver to haul our kids to school over snowy mountain passes?

Oh, Hell no.

We also think 18 is a little too young to be driving commercial trucks over those same snowy passes or through Front Range traffic.

The federal government agrees, and requires drivers be at least 21 before trying for their commercial motor vehicle license.

But Colorado Democrats and Gov. Polis loved the idea of giving teens the keys to our children’s lives and the rest of us on the road.

Polis has signed the bill, so now it’s now legal for a teenager to drive trucks and school buses.

But only within the state’s boundaries. Kids can’t drive commercial trucks across state lines, because it’s illegal under federal law.

As if we didn’t have enough to deal with on our daily work commute.

They should at least be required to post signs on the rear of the buses and trucks warning the rest of us a teenager is behind those 18 wheels and is probably texting on their phone.

Democrats have passed some jaw-dropping measures since they took control of the state legislature, but this one has to be the dumbest.