The law signed by Gov. Polis gives presidential voting power to areas in blue.

And just like that, Gov. Polis gave away Coloradans presidential voting power by signing the Popular Vote bill into law.

We are now officially aligned with several undesirable states determined to kill the Electoral College and the fair process our forefathers established to make sure less populated states had the same power as the big, corruptible cities.

The game’s not over yet, as this national compact still needs more states totaling 89 Electoral votes to join.

Here’s the breakdown of which states are in:

District of Columbia – 3 electoral votes
Connecticut – 7 electoral votes
Hawaii – 4 electoral votes
Illinois – 20 electoral votes
Maryland – 10 electoral votes
Massachusetts – 11 electoral votes
New Jersey – 14 electoral votes
Washington – 12 electoral votes
Vermont – 3 electoral votes
California – 55 electoral votes
Rhode Island – 4 electoral votes
New York – 29 electoral votes
Colorado — 9 electoral votes

Sharper minds than us are predicting a Supreme Court fight before this crap game gets off the ground.

If it did somehow survive, it means that whichever candidate wins the popular vote that no one yet knows how to count, the states in the compact would award their electoral votes to that candidate.

So, if Colorado votes for candidate A, but candidate B wins the national mythical popular vote, too bad. Your vote goes instead to candidate B.

How about this Democrat-controlled state House, Senate, and governor we’ve got?

Next time you’re in an argument with someone over whether votes matter, shove this in their face.