Earlier this month, liberals’ heads exploded when WilmerHale lawyer (and former Secretary of the Interior under Obama and former Colorado Attorney General) Ken Salazar came out against the radical oil and gas bill moving through the legislature that has the potential to severely damage the oil and gas industry in Colorado. In his op-ed to the Denver Post, Salazar wrote:

“Colorado has played a key role in securing that energy independence for our nation. Colorado is a leader of renewable energy. Colorado is also a center of oil and gas. The oil and gas industry in Colorado creates over one hundred thousand jobs for hard-working Coloradans, provides over one billion dollars to fund our schools and roads, and is responsible for 11 percent of the state’s gross domestic product.

“Now SB 181 will wrongly bring our Colorado energy success story to an end.”

We’re man enough to admit when a Democrat is right and Salazar is right here. Let’s just say that Democrats didn’t exactly see it our way. That’s why it’s so odd that Democrats have been cheering for fellow WilmerHale lawyer, John Walsh (the former U.S. Attorney, not the television host and co-creator of America’s Most Wanted), who recently left WilmerHale to explore a run against Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. In addition, Walsh has been making a name for himself down at the State Capitol defending the constitutionality of the so-called “Red Flag” bill that would confiscate weapons from those that someone somewhere deemed a threat at some point? Or something?

So, WilmerHale greedy lawyers are bad if they are speaking truth to power about the harm of over-regulation in oil and gas, but good when they’re supporting a big Democratic gun grab? Do Democrats lack all self-awareness or are they that politically craven?