That whole “white guy” excuse for failing to gain ground in the Democratic presidential primary was working out pretty good for John Hickenlooper.

No plain old white man can win — it’s pretty much all CNN ever talked about.

And then super white dude Beto O’Rourke comes flailing into the room like Kramer from Seinfeld, and the Democrat Party makes it rain with $6.1 million in donations in the first 24 hours.

Hick only raised about $1 million in nickels and dimes after passing the hat around for 48 hours after he announced.

Hickenlooper has even gone so far as to shun his capitalist cred in favor of socialism and the Green New Deal. Looks like he sold out for nothing.

Turns out Democrats really, really do like white guys, but just the hipster types who belonged to secret computer hacking clubs, and fantasized about killing kids when they were teenagers.