The honeymoon is officially over.

Gov. Polis and his Democrat-controlled state legislature have barely been in power more than two months and voters are in pure rebellion mode.

It’s not just rumblings of a recall election to revoke Polis’s most unpopular law, among many, signing away our presidential votes to the Popular Vote compact.

Democrat lawmakers are also being targeted individually for recalls on the red flag gun seizure vote.

But now voters have their eyes on the big prize, planning a recall election to kick the governor out of office and bring an end to this crazy Democrats-contol-all experiment gone horribly wrong.

KOAA reports from Pueblo:

The ‘Recall Polis – Pueblo County’ group held its first official meeting Monday night. Around 50 people showed up to decide their next moves. They’re one of dozens of groups, originating on Facebook, that want Polis removed from office.

9 News is reporting “Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis” filed as an issue committee with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Another group calling itself “Resist Polis PAC” is a political action committee with a stated purpose to “oppose the re-election of Jared Polis as governor of Colorado, including orchestrating a recall effort, by raising public awareness regarding his political acts and ideologies and mobilizing the grassroots of Colorado.”

The hurdle, as the stories points out, is the massive amount of organization and funding it will require to collect a whopping 631,000 valid signatures, a little more than half of all votes captured by Walker Stapleton in last year’s election.

Another hurdle requires voters to wait six months before initiating a recall of the governor.

Will their anger hold out that long?

If the Democrat-controlled legislature keeps sending outrageous bills to Polis for his signature, like SB 181 to cripple to the oil and gas industry, or red flag bill to seize guns, it’s very possible.

Go Team.