All eyes were on Democrat Rep. Rochelle Galindo, who represents Greeley, when she voted in favor of SB19-181, the punitive oil and gas bill that went even beyond Proposition 112. The bill passed the House on a party line vote. They didn’t need her vote because Democrats have a 20-plus point majority in the House.

But she still voted in favor of a bill that would harm many of her constituents in the heart of oil and gas country in Colorado. In fact, in Weld County, 112 was rejected 75% to 25%. That’s a pretty clear result, and one that Galindo should have heeded.

Now, she has to face voters.

The official recall effort has begun. Yesterday, the Colorado Secretary of State’s office approved the recall petition format and the effort soon will be collecting signatures. The language of the ballot initiative set the conditions for the recall effort. The statement alleges that Galindo didn’t “understand legislation negatively impacting her community” and other grievances.

While there are two recall efforts underway, this is the official recall effort led by former Weld County GOP Chairwoman Stacey Kjeldgaard and is focused on the economic impacts of Galindo’s votes.

Perhaps it’s time for voters to hold her accountable.