Memo to U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette: Your fear is showing.

The entrenched Democrat is obviously nervous about having a legit and early campaign challenger, so she’s been upping her social media game hoping the media minions will return to their establishment liberal fold and write more glowing articles about her.

In a desperate ploy on the House floor Tuesday evening, DeGette gave one of those C-Span audience-of-three speeches to give the media a big old smooch on the rear, in the hopes they will return the favor.

DeGette never said exactly how the federal government should “protect” the media. Do they need bodyguards, or advertisers to stay in business? 

She also declined to elaborate on “further decline.” Decline in readership and viewers? News jobs? Actual newspapers?

Nevertheless, it’s not the government’s job to protect or prevent anything from occurring when it comes to matter of the free press.

DeGette should really just keep their nose out of the media’s butt crack, and their business.