Denver Mayor Michael Hancock managed to dance around the issue of safe injection sites during Wednesday’s debate hosted by 9 News.

Community advocate Lisa Calderon says she supports the sites, which amounts to legal opium dens, while Jamie Giellis and Penfield Tate III did not raise their hand in support.

But it was Hancock who anchor Kyle Clark hammered, because the mayor was for safe injection sites before he was against them.

Clark asked the mayor twice about the flip and flop, you can watch His Honor’s full spin here.

Hancock insists that he does not personally approve of public injection sites, but everyone else on council did so he just went along with them because that’s the kind of strong leader he is.

It’s just like a tool in a tool chest, so let’s just toss it in there and see if it smashes or fixes anything, Hancock explained.

Of course, what the council did by approving injection sites is in no way legal, so they will have to figure out how to get around that, Hancock said.

Kalyn Heffernan and Stephan Elliot Evans did not participate in the debate. The Denver election will be held May 7.