During the oil and gas debate, lefties screeched on Twitter that the Polis administration was not taking cues from special interests (in their minds, the oil and gas industry). Someone probably forgot to send fractivists the memo that the Polis administration, in fact, was taking direction from special interests – environmentalists for example, according to Western Wire.

Here’s one example:

“On Monday, January 28, Jill Ryan, the new Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) under the Polis administration emailed Garry Kaufman, Division Director of the Air Pollution Control Division at the CDPHE about an upcoming meeting, and shared a list of to-dos suggested by Ryan’s friends at Colorado Communities for Climate Action, an organization Ryan headed as president before resigning to take up the position at CDPHE under Gov. Jared Polis.”

In addition to taking up suggestions that WildEarth Guardians, radical environmentalists, offered, the CC4CA argued that the CDPHE should:

“…let the federal Clean Air Act “run its course” and allow the area to get ‘bumped up to a serious [nonattainment] area’ so that emitters would be forced to seek a major source permit—and to hasten the action by certifying the CDPHE data earlier than the May 1st deadline.”

All in all, a poor showing for an administration whose supporters insisted that it was not beholden to special interests. The truth is that this administration is not just beholden, but actually taking orders from them.