A new college scholarship fund created by Democratic lawmakers with our tax dollars has only one qualification to apply: Must have served time for breaking the law.

That’s right, lawbreakers can now go to college with scholarships up to $10,000 for being a youth offender and getting into trouble.

Not like those other scholarships with pesky requirements of positive accomplishments, like learning for good instead of evil.

Democrats insist that we need to reward bad behavior with free college cash because so many who go to lockup have graduated high school or have their GED.

It may be that many youth offenders do just need a break.

What’s questionable, is whether taxpayers should foot the bill.

One can’t throw a rock without hitting hundreds of thousands of college scholarships funded by private entities.

And that’s how this type of new scholarship should be funded, with private donations.

We would urge Gov. Polis, a billionaire philanthropist, to see the error of this bill and veto it.

While he’s at it, maybe he can put up some of his own money to fund it.