Most politicians announce their presidential candidacy with great fanfare to a meeting hall packed with hundreds of supporters in an early primary state.

But U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is still just a blip on the presidential campaign screen and can barely fill a living room in New Hampshire.

So Bennet announced on a morning news show in New York City that continues to falter at the bottom of TV ratings, the CBS Morning Show.

Speaking to the lone interviewer and dozens of folks watching at home, Bennet says he’s running because he wants to restore integrity in government, and had the decency to acknowledge it’s been missing since long before President Trump.

Bennet went on to confuse his message by insisting the economy is great because of Obama, and that Trump’s only accomplishment is that he didn’t “screw it up.” But that the economy is terrible and that’s why he’s running for president.

When asked how he would distinguish himself in a campaign with dozens of candidates, Bennet said he called his mom. Somebody has to be number 22, is how he explained it to her.

While accidentally foreshadowing his probable finish, Bennet insisted that having everyone and their sister running for president is a good thing.

“I think right now, the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for very much at the national level. This is the opportunity for us to show what we stand for,” Bennet said.

And what does Bennet stand for?

Defeating Libertarians, also know as the congressional Freedom Caucus.

Bennet showed no enthusiasm at all in what little Trump bashing he was able to muster during the six minute interview.

It’s those wicked conservative, Libertarians who Bennet says are tyrannizing Washington politics.
Underscoring his presidential run chances, Bennet appears to be keeping his Senate seat, just in case.