Yesterday, some University of Colorado Regents did exactly what they were elected to do – find an incredibly qualified candidate for CU’s president and install him. Congratulations to former Congressman and businessman Mark Kennedy, who was voted in five to four as the new president of CU. As for the four who voted against him, well, we suspect that reflects more on their partisanship than his.

Since the regent’s announcement that Kennedy was the sole finalist for the spot, he’s been subject of thousands of nasty tweets and contentious media articles that always fail to mention that Democrats actually were part of the search process. But why let some pesky facts get in the way of a narrative that advances their Republican-hating agenda?

Nonetheless, CU Regent John Carson has confidence that Kennedy will be able do the job with similar finesse as his predecessors:

“We’re not hiring Mark Kennedy to be a politician. He will not be a political president of the University of Colorado. He will be the president of CU, period. And I have great confidence he will check his personal political beliefs at the door, just as Bruce Benson and Hank Brown before him.”

Hopefully, the Boulder community can get over having to rub shoulders with a Republican.