A surprise upset for Denver Mayor Michael Hancock came from a woman nobody has ever hear of – Jamie Giellis. She hasn’t served as a City Councilwoman or anything else that we know of. She didn’t win, but she did capture over 26% of the six-way vote. Hancock received 39.43% of the vote, which means he’s headed to a run-off. He likely had hoped to avoid a run-off by securing over 50% of the vote. This should certainly be viewed as a loss for Hancock.

Hilariously, more people thought that shrooms should be legal than Hancock should be mayor (although the shrooms initiative also is failing). We’re not sure if that speaks more to the giggly appeal of legalizing shrooms or the lack of appeal of Hancock.

But remember, Hancock has been caught with his pants down on women’s issues from sexually harassing security detail to allegedly hooking up with prostitutes. This election isn’t pushback on anything but Hancock’s character and no matter how the run-off goes it’s just desserts that it’s a woman who is causing him to spend on another election.