The school security guard who did this to a woman waving a cloth that read “Recall Polis” after a town hall meeting with the governor Saturday in Colorado Springs is no longer employed by Harrison School District 2.

The woman in the video, identified as LaDonna Robertson, told KVOR radio she recently underwent back surgery, and getting yanked across the seats like that didn’t help matters.

School district spokeswoman Christine O’Brien said an internal investigation was conducted, and other than the fact he no longer works there, they aren’t commenting on the incident, the Colorado Springs Independent reports.

However, O’Brien ominously added that for future political events, the school will utilize “community partners” to act as security guards, whatever that means.

Such force seems entirely unnecessary, especially since the event was already over. Who forcibly ejects someone while the audience is leaving an event that has ended?

Ironically, O’Brien blamed the Colorado Springs Independent and Colorado Springs Business Journal, the organizers of the event, as the establishers of the rules for the meeting that were merely enforced.

We can see how the media would want to crack down on free speech in the Springs area, especially for waving a scarf calling for the recall of their beloved governor.

But did the media organizers give the order to remove the woman after the event?

Stay tuned.