Bourbon Street

First marijuana, followed by injection sites for heroin, then magic mushrooms — it was only a matter of time before Denver took the radical step of legalizing the consumption of alcohol, in public.

Not everywhere, of course. Denver hasn’t completely lost their collective mind and surrendered to the decadency and depravity of beer and wine.

By strictly regulating the lax rules, cups of alcohol may soon appear within restricted areas along the 16th Street Mall, Dairy Block, and perhaps an art walk among some Santa Fe Drive businesses, Denverite reports.

It’s still just in the proposal stage, but here’s how it would work:

A business applies for the special liquor license, likely along with adjacent storefronts, to create a strip where people can drink while walking, shopping or doing anything else available in bounds. The drinks can only come from restaurants and bars within that area — not from outside vendors.

The city insists they’re not creating booze zones like New Orleans’ Bourbon Street, because some areas will be fenced in with signs, that say “buzz kill,” or something.

“It can be scary and create a lot of anxiety in people, so we wanted to address those questions upfront,” Rogers said.

Yes, art walks with wine are truly the stuff of nightmares, and by all means, let’s regulate it into a box.