Boulder is considering steps to reinforce its image as the proverbial grumpy old man on the front porch who’s always yelling at the kids to stop having fun, by considering a moratorium on electric scooters.

Not the kiddie kind, although they are considered toys by law, but the commercial kind that sprout along Denver sidewalks in the most inconvenient of places.

It’s an emergency order the city council will decide on tonight, because the hipster mode of transportation is about to be legal to operate on streets across the state, as soon as Gov. Polis signs a bill into law.

The Grand Poobahs of Boulder are concerned about safety and polluting impacts of these newfangled contraptions, so they need to form focus groups, conduct polls, hold public demonstration events — collectively referred to as “outreach” in Boulder speak

Not kidding.

We don’t care to co-exist with scooter-kind either, but we’ll be glad to see them get off the sidewalks and onto bike lanes.

While Boulder is rolling out the red carpet of regulations to stifle the free market, yet again, we’d be happy if folks would just learn to park the damn things, so the entirety of civilization isn’t constantly tripping over them.

We’re certain that could happen with a little education, instead of a temporary ban imposed by government over a growing new business.