Over the weekend, another accuser against Democratic former state Rep. Rochelle Galindo, according to Complete Colorado. Like the first accuser, the second accuser also is alleging sexual misconduct. The charge was filed last week.

The Greeley Police Department originally planned to release the report on the first accuser earlier, but now believes that the department will complete its findings by mid-week unless another victim comes forward. The new complaint delayed the release of the initial complaint.

Galindo originally resigned from her House District 50 seat after the first accuser came forward. At the time, she strenuously denied that the accusations were true. A second accuser makes her denials somewhat less credible. Galindo was facing a recall effort due to her unnecessary vote for Senate Bill 181, which has led several municipalities to pass moratoria on oil and gas development, a major economic driver in her House district.

The recall effort claimed it had collected more than enough valid signatures to trigger a recall election and had planned to submit them two weeks ahead of schedule.

Sadly, since Galindo resigned, instead of a recall election through which a Republican could have been elected, it is now up to the Democratic Party to replace Galindo via vacancy committee. Instead, the recall committee will focus on replacing the new Democrat in the 2020 election.

In the meantime, we eagerly await the report from the Greeley Police Department. No word yet on whether Galindo will be able to keep her position as a janitor in a school district. As a rule of thumb, school districts tend to shy away from employing those accused of sexual assault or misconduct.