Well, it’s safe to say that we know where Tom Steyer is putting his money. On the same day that Colorado got several inches of snow – the latest of the year in 44 years – radical environmentalist Tom Steyer held up Colorado’s U.S. Senator turned presidential candidate Michael Bennet as a paragon of environmental progress.

Even if going for zero emissions by 2050 was a good idea (it’s not), it’s simply not possible. But, let’s not let reality stand in the way of political posturing. Like Tom Steyer, we also are eagerly awaiting every candidate’s Green New Deal plan to parade in front of Steyer.

If you recall, PeakNation™, the Green New Deal endorsed by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the leader of the Democratic Party, called for outrageous things like no more beef or steak, no more air travel (trains to Asia!), no more economy, and more. So, we can’t wait for every single Democratic candidate to slip that election-losing millstone of radical environmentalism at the expense of middle class America around their necks.

And, in case, you thought Bennet was just an “aw, shucks” nice, moderate guy, Steyer’s praise shows otherwise. Something to remember in 2022. Yes, in Colorado, because, remember, Steyer’s money is the kiss of death. Sen. Bennet will not be going to Washington as President of the United States anytime soon.