We haven’t gone off the grid, we’ve just been in Facebook jail all week while the social media overlords determine whether these two headlines constitute as spam:

Tell us, PeakNation, which one do you think got us in trouble? Do either one of them suggest spam?

Here is what Facebook considers as Spam:

We’ve been called a lot of things. Spam, is not one of them.

We have been called conservative. So there’s that.

However, no where in either of those two posts were we trying to sell Ray Bans sunglasses or male enhancement supplements.

Facebook snatched those two posts from our social media page on Monday, and since then have refused to share any of our posts with our thousands of followers.

We know Facebook isn’t sharing our posts in newsfeeds, because they’ve at least had the decency to tell us so.

The only way to see us now, is to go directly to our page, here.

We’ve filed protests with Facebook, but have not heard back.

We will keep you posted … in spite of the fact that Facebook will never actually let you see our post.