In case you missed it PeakNation™, the redacted case files against Democratic former House Rep. Rochelle Galindo were released and there is some very strange behavior. The bottom line here is that Galindo will be charged with giving alcohol to a minor, but the victim declined to pursue charges in the matter of sexual assault. But to be clear – the descriptions of the activities in which Galindo and the victim engaged sounded very much like sexual assault because the underage woman could not have consented at her level of intoxication.

Here’s a choice paragraph from Colorado Public Radio:

“The accuser ‘described having sex three or four times, but only remembered two of the instances.’ She told investigators she ‘blacked out and didn’t remember the details of the other sexual episodes.’ One sexual encounter allegedly happened in the bathroom at a Bernie Sanders rally.”

We can’t imagine how gross the Bernie rally encounter must have been, but this is textbook rape as it’s been most recently defined. Even worse, Galindo laughed at and joked about the unequal power dynamic in their “relationship” with Galindo calling the victim “Monica Lewinsky,” the famous intern with whom President Bill Clinton had an affair literally in the Oval Office.

It goes without saying that Galindo is no Clinton and she’s since stepped down from her House role. When will Galindo’s defenders apologize to the public for defending an alleged sexual predator? Further, it sounds as if the encounters happened prior to the election. Who knew this was going on and why did they cover it up?

The Democratic Party has some splaining to do. This is far worse than the Lebsock cover up.