It looks like Democrats are back to square one after Democratic State Sens. Kerry Donovan and Leroy Garcia completely blew themselves up this past legislative session – Donovan with her false assertion that the sheriffs in her district supported the red flag legislation and Garcia for being the worst leader ever in the state Senate. With those two out of the running to challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, the Democratic party is again tapping one of the few Democratic losers of the 2018 election in Colorado – Diane Mitsch Bush.

Despite the horrific electoral landscape for Colorado Republicans in 2018, Mitsch Bush still managed to lose to Tipton by eight points, laughably saying that her campaign team “came so close in 2018.” Right.

In the same Colorado Politics interview, she also re-emphasized that she is not a socialist, but a Democrat. If you recall PeakNation, Mitsch Bush came under fire for supporting a magazine, In These Times, once self-described as an “independent socialist newspaper.”

So, as the third runner up to experience this electoral blood bath, we congratulate her on taking one for the team. Again.