The national Democratic spinmeisters, also known as the Beltway media, have discovered something more interesting than magic mushrooms to write about here.

It’s Colorado’s own miniaturized version of the presidential primary where liberals are lining up to tear each other to shreds for the honor of challenging U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

Politico is comparing this Democratic primary to a Black Friday sale at Walmart, because they say Gardner’s the man to beat — the most vulnerable Republican in the whole Senate.

So wounded and easy to beat, we are led to believe, that the Democrat Party will be forced to spend more money on this campaign than in any other race in the country.

It’s such a cakewalk to beat Cory, candidates are announcing far ahead of the campaign cycle in order to raise money and their own name recognition just to catch up with him.

And party leaders in Washington are so confident Gardner will get the boot, why they’re not even going to crown, in advance and behind closed doors, the candidate they ordain as best for the job.

Liberals leaders are just going to let Democrats stampede across the state, destroying each other’s reputations and blowing campaign cash like, well, a Black Friday sale at Walmart.

At least that’s what we’re told to believe, and also to pay no attention to the fact that Democratic leaders are meeting with Colorado Democratic contenders individually.

Most recently, it was secretary of state Jena Griswold and state Sen. Angela Williams who met with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Our obsession over big-name Senate recruits has not proved to be a worthwhile strategy,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn). “Finding new faces who are willing to work hard and capture the imagination of voters is sometimes better than putting someone on the ballot that has big-name recognition.”

So the Beltway Democratic machine is still in control of who actually gets to challenge Gardner, just like they handpicked U.S. Rep. Jason Crow for the 6th Congressional District.

And they will rip through every candidate on their own bench and blanket Colorado with cash in their attempt to take down Gardner.