Just days after Denver Mayor candidate Jamie Giellis qualified for the run-off election, politicos were impressed with how well and how quickly she consolidated support from her opponents, particularly from Lisa Calderon and Penfield Tate, who did not make the run-off election against current Mayor Hancock.

Now, we perhaps know how she may have been able to do this so efficiently and it’s not because she’s a phenomenal politician and community uniter.

Twitter is abuzz with the fundraising reports from Calderon because her report shows that Giellis’ largest backer, Kyle Zeppelin, and his affiliated entities donated $15,000 to her campaign after she lost the election, some say to pay off her campaign debt.

Well, that’s one way to garner support.

Politics is a dirty business even when everyone is on their best behavior. This seems like not good behavior.

Is it June 4th yet?