If something as stupid as “green rooftops” passed muster with Denver voters, there is no reason to doubt the ability of a few dedicated environmental activists to get a local tax passed to fight climate change (or so they claim in their arms race to beat San Francisco to absurdity).  A similar tax increase, the Climate Action Plan Tax, was passed in Boulder.

Resilient Denver, a group that claims we are in a “climate emergency” according to a Westword interview, is trying to raise taxes in Denver because the “intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tells us that we’re [Denver] are missing our goals.”  The group’s website claims the belief that society has failed to properly fund the fight against climate change” Now they have a plan, and it means more expensive electricity for middle class families.

Funny thing is that this is not actually a tax on carbon emissions, but rather an excise tax on electricity and natural gas.  If passed, Xcel bills will be $46 million higher in year one, and continue to ratchet up from there.

And what amazing good will this tax bring? A new city agency – the Office of Climate Action and Resiliency.  They will shepherd our transition to a “clean energy economy.”  Organizers were inspired by the Green New Deal, and wanted to get to work implementing aspects of that scheme locally.

The Resilient Denver spokesman parrots a time-tested leftist claim for effecting change in the community.  He said that while the city has good bureaucrats working on climate change matters, “you have to put your money where your mouth is.” What he really means is you have to take money from others through taxation to invest in projects that you feel will make the world a better place.  No mention of raising private donations, charity, or a volunteer “check the box” option on utility bills to achieve this social goal without government coercion.

But we’d expect nothing less than government coercion from a bunch of Bernie-loving enviros.