In the aftermath of accusations of sexual assault against Democratic Rep. Rochelle Galindo by campaign staff, liberals on social media were quick to accuse Republicans of cooking up this scheme to force Galindo out of office. They even went so far as to accuse Sherrie Peif, a reporter with the Independence Institute’s Complete Colorado, of conjuring this drama as a political hit. The truth was that it was Democrats who accused Galindo of the abuse of power and it was Democrats who turned her in. Republicans had little to do with it.

The Devil’s Advocate, another Independence Institute media channel, interviewed Peif as well as one of the women who helped Galindo’s victim, Stacy Suniga, a Democrat Greeley City Councilwoman. Suniga’s wife, Deb, is a childhood friend of Peif. And, yes, the Sunigas are a lesbian couple. So, no, this was not an attack on Galindo’s sexuality either. Just to clear that up since Democrats were throwing that accusation out there.

Stacy Suniga and Peif tell the story of how this entire thing unraveled. It’s a lengthy watch, but it’s one worth watching, especially if you have questions about whether this was a Republican hit job. Because it’s not.