Gov. Polis thinks the BLM would rather relocate from Washington, D.C. — a mid-sized dysfunctional city — to Denver — another mid-sized dysfunctional city, instead of the Western Slope where all that federal land they manage is actually located.

His reasoning? There’s not enough flights out of Grand Junction’s airport.

We’re not at all surprised Gov. Polis would forget all about that pesky supply and demand thingamabobby that makes our great capitalist nation what it is today.

There may not be enough flights now to get government bureaucrats where they need to go, when they actually leave their desk.

But if there is actually a demand for those flights, airlines are more likely to offer their services.

See how that works?

Nevertheless, by favoring Denver in his remarks he insists don’t favor Denver, Polis clearly sent a message to Washington, D.C., that Denver would be a better location.

What do the folks on the Western Slope have to say about his remarks?

“Well, that’s disappointing,” said Robin Brown with the Grand Junction Economic Partnership.

Luckily for the Western Slope, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is ignoring the governor’s remarks, and reasserted his endorsement this week of Grand Junction for the new headquarters.

More importantly, with Rifle native David Bernhardt taking over the reins as Interior Secretary earlier this year, our money is on Grand Junction for the win.