Was John Hickenlooper’s bold and booed stance against socialism in front of a radical leftists California audience just a fundraising stunt?

It appears so, based on the fundraising blast he sent out just days after the weekend event, according to The Hill, an inside-the Beltway publication.

“A lot of people in the crowd didn’t want to hear that simple truth, and responded with boos—but John didn’t back down,” said the fundraising pitch.

The Hill asked Hick about his fundraising message, and the Coloradan responded: “If we don’t draw a clear distinction between Democrats and our candidates and socialism, the Republicans will paint us into a corner that we can’t get out of.”

“Massive government expansions may not be strictly speaking socialism, but trust me: Republicans will make it seem like socialism.”

Thanks, Hick, for explaining to us the difference between Democrat socialists, and Democrat pseudo socialists who just believe in massive government expansions that eliminate businesses and cripple the free market.

Good luck reaching the fundraising quota with that reasoning to participate in the June presidential debates.