Proposition CC is such a bad idea that even the left-leaning Denver Post, which freely admits that it wants to repeal TABOR, editorialized today that there are better ways to achieve liberals’ goals than Proposition CC. Here’s an excerpt from the editorial:

“There are two possible routes lawmakers can take to keep more revenue. The first is for outside groups to put a repeal of TABOR on the ballot and to honestly explain all of the clever ways the state has finagled to not comply with TABOR so voters can see how truly unworkable the amendment is in its purest state.

“The second, and significantly less institutionally painful way, would be for lawmakers to draft a referendum to send to voters that asks if the state can retain TABOR refunds for the next five years, and explicitly state what the money would be spent on.”

It’s worth noting that neither of these options encompass Prop CC. This is a fascinating way to thread this needle – leaving the door open for a full TABOR repeal or a more focused ballot initiative more similar to Ref C, which was a five-year timeout from TABOR that allegedly was supposed to fund transportation (it didn’t) and education (it didn’t), without actually saying the words “vote no on CC.”

And, let’s be clear. This is just a way to cover costs as Senate Bill 181, Democrats’ eff you to the oil and gas industry, inevitably will reduce oil and gas revenue.

We’ve heard the Yes on CC campaign is in disarray, if it even exists at all. Now, two of Colorado’s top dailies, the Denver Post and the Colorado Springs Gazette, have editorialized against the measure (and make no mistake, this Denver Post editorial was not favorable for the Yes side). Since the Yes side hasn’t even gotten off the ground, should the proponents even bother? This thing may be DOA.