We’ve hit the big league, PeakNation!

Such a threat we’ve become to the liberal way of thinking, tech giant Facebook has decided to shadow ban us from existence.

It’s a practice social media outlets, including Twitter, are using to silence conservative journalists and Republican congressmen.

We’ve had the problem with Facebook for a month now, but didn’t realize we’d been hit with the secret ban until Fox News contributor Sara Carter explained this week how it happened to her.

Shadow banning is when they don’t cut off your account completely, they just block your content from being shared with your followers hoping the user will get frustrated or bored and just abandon the site.

The problem with this tactic, Facebook actually shows us how many people are “reached” or have “engaged” with each post, and our numbers dropped overnight from thousands, to zero.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California) is suing over this problem, claiming he too has been shadow banned.

“I’ve also heard of it happening to Representatives Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and others,” Carter continued. “The American people should be concerned about this because we have private entities in the public sphere that making decisions on what people see, and it appears these companies want to kind of skew towards the Democrats.”

Our drop was so dramatic, we spotted it immediately.

The first post Facebook didn’t want you to see, was about the sexual assault charges facing now ex- Democratic Rep. Rochelle Galindo.

We’ve filed numerous complaints with Facebook, but they are just ignoring our objections.

The only way to fight this for now, PeakNation, is to bookmark our website here and read our posts daily, and follow us on Twitter @COpeakpolitics.