This is the problem with liberal Democrats like U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, they don’t get outside much to see what effects their feel-good bills would have if they ever actually made into law.

Case in point, 72% of Mesa County is already controlled by the federal government.

They don’t need any more, and the county commissioners doesn’t want to give them any more.

If DeGette bothered to listen, or keep her regulatory nose in her own congressional backyard where it belongs, there wouldn’t be a problem.

But there is, so now the Mesa County Commissioners are drawing a line in sand —with a letter likely to be more politely put than this — but basically telling her to mind own business and remove their county from her latest wilderness grab.

DeGette wants to block all future access or use of 140,000 acres by the public, just because she wants to block energy development.

While they’re good and fired up over on the Western Slope, the commissioners also approved a thumbs-down resolution opposing the state’s effort to Californicate us all by requiring zero-emission vehicles.

Go team.