Taking a wild gamble that Americans are super cool with being poor, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet wildly bucked the political tradition of “It’s the economy, stupid,” and is putting all his eggs in an invisible basket.

Bennet boldly proclaimed on Fox News Sunday that President Trump can’t possibly win just because we have a crazy strong and rocking economy.

Trump must answer for his “war with American tradition” and its impact on our culture — which last time we checked, had been kneecapped by masked, radical liberals and beaten within an inch of its life.

If Bennet thinks Americans are looking to the Democrat Party to uphold our traditions, he really needs to see a shrink because he’s completely lost touch with reality.

What liberals don’t get, but normal voters do, is that Trump’s behavior is a reaction to the leftist beating of our American tradition for decades.

And now, Trump is fighting back.

Yes, it’s gotten ugly. But so is the direction of our country, thanks to leftist priorities of their politically correct perceptions over reality, and American tradition.