Environmentalists are upset (but we repeat ourselves) with U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner for joining a GOP caucus dedicated to conservation issues including climate change.

Conservation Colorado, one of many groups complaining loudly and constantly that Republicans are no friend of the environment, actually used the phrase “all hat and no cattle” in expressing their dismay.

Because greenies now think they’re cowboys, or something.

Anyway, their vegetarian beef with Gardner is that he doesn’t take real action to fight climate change by locking up public lands from public use or outlawing energy production.

All he can do is pass laws to protect the environment, unlike Conservation Colorado, which does all the heavy lifting of fundraising to pay themselves to judge Republicans.

The Republican Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, named for the Republican Roosevelt president and founder of the National Park Service, will also focus on efforts to preserve the environmental well-being of our lands and water.