The parade of shame over at the Aurora ICE facility just won’t end.

Now we have a pole dancer and her hipster friend coming completely unhinged and yelling “f—k the troops.”

According to these whack-a-doodles, if you respect the American flag, you’re a white supremacist.

This is what Ashley StClair did to ignite the wrath of these liberal activists.

StClair told PJ Media she and her brother were at a protest in front of the facility Sunday when the incident occurred.

As they left, one of the protestors called her a white supremacist and “the type of Jew to give other Jews to Hitler.”

“I’m just saddened that there are people so willing to disrespect our flag and our troops who died for it and for their freedom,” StClair told PJ Media. “To be a Democrat is to be anti-American in this day and age.”