The Word Police Department should now be referred to as Ministry of Love.

UPDATE: CSU has issued a statement saying “America” was in the draft version that was leaked, and, uhm, was not included in their official guide of our offensive English language. 

However, the other words included in this report are still on the naughty list. 

In their never-ending struggle to offend everyone with a lick of sense, Colorado State University’s inclusive language guide now insists these are bad words and should not be used on campus so that everyone feels valued and respected.



Male, gentlemen or Mr.

Female, ladies, Ms. or Mrs. 


Handicap parking


Cake Walk

Eenie meenie miney moe



Hip hip hooray!

Hold down the fort



Normal person

We concur with the last, because anyone adhering to this policy won’t be normal for long, but a perpetually offended victim.

Campus Reform has the list and explanations for most, except for cake walk, policeman and hip hip hooray!

But here’s an example of the kind of education a corporeal being can obtain at CSU for thousands of dollars a year.

Avoid using the word American, because, “This erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country.”

They would prefer students say U.S. citizen, or person from the U.S.

No word on whether African American or American Indian is also forbidden on campus.