John Hickenlooper and Bernie Sanders profoundly exemplified the one thing socialist and establishment Democrats have in common during Tuesday’s debate.

When faced with tough political dilemmas, all they can do is throw their hands in the air and start shouting nonsense at each other.

It was a sad cop out for Hick, who consistently dodges the Green New Deal issue by pretending it’s just about giving jobs to everyone.

Hickenlooper was spared any further embarrassment by moderators, who gave the former Colorado governor less time than any other candidate on stage.

Marianne Williamson even got more time than Hick, who clocked in with a measly eight minutes and forty-nine seconds. 

Most surprising, Hickenlooper should have easily taken control of the conversation on the topic of gun violence. But delivered a half-hearted soundbite on his record passing universal background checks.

Those would be the same background checks that Colorado congressional Democrats said just last week don’t work, so they are calling for a federal investigation to determine the problem.

A recent FBI audit of Colorado’s point-of-contact system, however, showed that more people failed a federal background check than they did the state’s system, including Sol Pais, an 18-year-old Florida woman who flew to Colorado in April and purchased a weapon immediately after arriving.

Some journalists sympathetic to Hick’s floundering are excusing his poor performance claiming he’s just too moderate in a sea of radical leftists, and should go home to run for the U.S. Senate.

Unless “moderate” is now defined as an establishment politician incapable of producing new ideas that aren’t totally bats&*t crazy to lead our country, then we would agree.

If Hickenlooper even returns to Colorado, it will be with his tail between his legs, too politically wounded to be of much use to the Democrat Party.

Hick’s clearly not presidential material, nor is he Senate worthy.

He couldn’t even hold his own with other senators on the CNN stage. Sens. Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were declared the winners by the mainstream media.

Hickenlooper is out of his league. It’s time for him to retire from politics altogether.